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We offer 4 different countertops surfaces here at SRS. Each surface category has the manufactures we use. For more information about the different types of countertops and the manufactures please call us or email us. 


Pros: Cost saving , wide variety of color options , easy upkeep

Cons: Not easily repaired , visible seams , non renewable

Solid Surface

Pros: Warranty 10-15 years , Stain resistant , Renewable , Non porous , Use for horizontal or vertical application

Cons: Heat/ Cold sensitive , Can not cut directly on your countertop, Use a cutting board , Will scratch (although it can be sanded out)


Pros: Variety of colors , Very popular , Highly scratch and heat resistant

Cons: Porous , Natural cracks or lines can appear , Seams are highly visible , Should be sealed year


Pros: Warranty for 10 years , Stain resistant / non porous , Consistent color , Does not require sealants

Cons: Cost , Intergraded sinks are not available , Not renewable (if tops get damaged it is not repairable) , Seams are highly visible